Ashes in the Snow Premiere!

You guys! I have been so excited on Twitter a lot recently and forgot to post some updates on here!

So the first exciting thing….Ashes in the Snow is having it’s premier today at the LA Film Festival! Tickets went on sale for it a few weeks ago and it was so popular they had to add a second screening which is AMAZING! Unfortunately like most of you I am not one of the lucky few who get to go, but I am so happy and excited! and admittedly jealous for all those who are getting to see it all today!

Ruta posted this on Twitter earlier:

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 2.19.10 PM


How amazing and cool is that??? Another really amazing thing that happened is there is a music video for a cover of the Bob Dylan song, Ring Them Bells, which will be playing during the end titles of the film.


Another image from Twitter:


Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 2.22.18 PM


I have never heard this song before, GJan’s voice is hauntingly beautiful! At first I stumbled across it by chance and didn’t realize these were scenes from the film and then I got an email from Ruta who told me about the video and I realized what it actually was!

Also I want to point out that there isn’t an official trailer released for the film yet. At least not in the US. Someone tweeted me the other day saying they were watching the trailer over and over and I confirmed with Ruta there isn’t an official one out just yet. As far as I know the Ring Them Bells video is the only footage that’s been released widely so far.

Here is the link to the video for anyone who hasn’t seen it!

I cannot wait to be able to see the film! I remember having lunch with Ruta right after RutaFans came into existence and her telling me she’d been approached about a film for Between Shades of Gray. It’s taken a while but I am beyond excited to finally being able to see it soon! I already know I will have to take a ton of tissues with me. Not only is it going to be amazing to see this incredible book on the big screen, but it is going to be so amazing to see a friend’s story accomplish something as awesome as being adapted for film.


I am so proud of Ruta and Between Shades of Gray! I hope this helps more and more people get introduced to Ruta’s books and the history behind them.

You guys will all have to let me know what you think of the film when we all get to see it!





Fun Stuff!

So I’ve been quiet for the first chunk of the year! Ruta and I have been working together to cook up some fun things for you guys! It was originally going to roll out in time for our birthday BUT things happen and I am hoping it will be coming out a little later this year!


Ruta has been busy going all over the place (seriously!) talking to fans and to students. I have no idea how she has the stamina that she does, but can I seriously just hide in her suit case? lol! Speaking of traveling, I cannot remember if I have mentioned this before (I should have!) but Baltic Holidays has a holiday tour specifically for Between Shades of Gray! How incredible is that! I am hoping I will be able to go in the future!

Check out this link!


Another thing I want to point out is our amazing “Your Story” section. There hasn’t been much going on over there in a while, but I am always looking for people who want to share their story about finding out their family history! If you are interested Tweet at me! Or leave a comment on this post!


Hope you are all doing amazing!



New Book!

Ruta is hard at work on her newest novel and shared an update on social media for us.


Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 8.11.05 PM


Listen we don’t even know much about the book besides it’s setting and time period, but I know Ruta’s writing so it doesn’t ever matter! I am so excited for this new project because honestly I know I’m about to be introduced to something brand new. Like with Between Shades of Gray and Salt to the Sea I know we’re about to be introduced to a story that rests in our human history that I don’t know about! I love how Ruta has this beautiful ability to entertain and teach people while also making them cry their eyes out.

Looking forward to this new project sometime in the future!