About Us

About the Site

The Ruta Sepetys Official Fan Site is a fan-based and run website. Our main goal to to provide you with current information about tours, novels, awards, and any other information related to Ruta and her work in the literary world.

We do not provide information about Ruta’s personal life. Even if we had it (which we do not) we would not share it with you. Personal lives are private and are not to be shared with the public unless given express permission by Ruta.


I’m just a super fan who harassed Ruta enough to let me start this website. LOL! In reality I am still a super fan, but I was in the middle of organizing the blog tour for the paperback release of Between Shades of Gray when I got the idea for this. I wanted a place where I could gush about everything having to do with Ruta’s books and hopefully find a home where I could share my love with other fans.

I also run The Book Vortex, where I read and review Young Adult books. It’s something that I enjoy so much, because who doesn’t want an outlet where they can talk about books as much as the want? I started the website in fall 2011 and even before it was officially launched I emailed Ruta to see if she would do an interview for me. That’s really where this story starts, one thing let to another which lead to another which lead to this website!

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 12.50.40 PMI first read Between Shades of Gray in August 2011 and immediately emailed Ruta about it. And when I say immediately I mean from my bed at 3am with no glasses on staring at a teeny tiny Blackberry screen hoping she could understand what I said through the spelling errors I was undoubtedly making. After out initial contact with each other it became my mission to get as many people to read Between Shades of Gray as possible. I’ve reached out to as many people as I could all over the United States and some I know from places like Norway. I hope to be able to reach more people worldwide through this website.



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