About Us

About the Site

The Ruta Sepetys Official Fan Site is a fan-based and run website. Our main goal to to provide you with current information about tours, novels, awards, and any other information related to Ruta and her work in the literary world.

We do not provide information about Ruta’s personal life. Even if we had it (which we do not) we would not share it with you. Personal lives are private and are not to be shared with the public unless given express permission by Ruta.

Hannah and Marla

There are two webmasters here at The Official Ruta Sepetys Fan Site. The hosts met online a number of years ago.  Drawn together by their general love and appreciation for Between Shades of Gray, the first novel published by Ruta Sepetys, they have since joined together on a number of occasions to celebrate the amazing work done by Ruta.

Hannah runs The Book Vortex, a Young Adult book review site. She was born in Michigan and moved to Tennessee at age 17. She thinks of herself as a true Tennessean though. She is an avid reader and writer and would like nothing more that to curl up with a great book on a beautiful day. Hannah began emailing Ruta in August 2011 after finishing Between Shades of Gray. It has become her mission to make sure that this book reaches as many people as possible.

Marla was born and raised in Tennessee and currently resides on the Cumberland Plateau. A bibliophile since age 4, it is rare to find Marla without a book somewhere on her person.  She can’t get enough of fantastic books such as Between Shades of Gray. While Hannah does the posting and runs the day to day operations at RutaFans (including Twitter and Facebook), Marla supports the cause!

(L) Marla and (r)Hannah in November 2015

(L) Marla and (r)Hannah in November 2015

Hannah & Marla

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