Fun Stuff!

So I’ve been quiet for the first chunk of the year! Ruta and I have been working together to cook up some fun things for you guys! It was originally going to roll out in time for our birthday BUT things happen and I am hoping it will be coming out a little later this year!


Ruta has been busy going all over the place (seriously!) talking to fans and to students. I have no idea how she has the stamina that she does, but can I seriously just hide in her suit case? lol! Speaking of traveling, I cannot remember if I have mentioned this before (I should have!) but Baltic Holidays has a holiday tour specifically for Between Shades of Gray! How incredible is that! I am hoping I will be able to go in the future!

Check out this link!


Another thing I want to point out is our amazing “Your Story” section. There hasn’t been much going on over there in a while, but I am always looking for people who want to share their story about finding out their family history! If you are interested Tweet at me! Or leave a comment on this post!


Hope you are all doing amazing!