Salt to the Sea news!

Okay, okay so by now all you Ruta Sepetys fans already know about all this. I got a little too excited and distracted and only shared the news on Twitter and forgot to come here. Someone come slap me in the face!


The first bit of news is that Salt to the Sea is going to be a MOVIE! Now as we all know from the Between Shades of Gray/Ashes in the Snow it may still be a little bit before we get anything, but this is still so cool! Now not only do we have not just one movie to wait on, but two movies!!!! Now all we need is for Out of the Easy to become a Netflix series and all will be right with the world. (For real though who do we need to contact?)


Another cool thing is that Salt to the Sea won the Carnegie Medal! I feel like all RutaFans need to get in one giant room and just throw a party so we can all celebrate the new and amazing things happening! Who is with me!?!