Exciting Movie News!

As you guys may have seen on Ruta’s Facebook and Twitter, Between Shades of Gray is getting the movie treatment! Let’s all take a moment for an epic dance break.

Okay now that we are back and probably out of breath lets take a look at what we know. Ben York Jones will write the screenplay and Marius Markevicius will direct. We also know that the title of the movie will NOT be Between Shades of Gray. Apparently (and this has been proven by the disproving stares I get whenever I talk about BSG with someone) people get Between Shades of Gray and 50 Shades of Gray confused. So in order to avoid anyone showing up in the 50 Shades theater thinking they will be getting a gut wrenching tale about a teenage girl living through the Holocaust the film people decided to change it.
Personally (even though I totally almost started to campaign for Angelina Jolie to direct this (In the Land of Blood and Honey anyone?) I think that Markevicius as director was a perfect choice. In case you don’t know he directed a documentary about the 1992 Lithuanian basketball team.
According to this article it says filming is scheduled to begin this year! That means we should be getting a movie in 2015! Of course I am not a film person so I have no idea on that, it’s just a guess.

I am super excited for this! Congrats to Ruta, and Between Shades of Gray, and to Lithuania!