Who wants some cool stuff?

We all love Ruta’s books so what better way to give away stuff than for people to have some fun and show their love. Tweet me (@RutaFansOfficia)* or share a photo with me on Facebook with you and your copy of Between Shades of Gray and Out of the Easy! If you are camera shy you can cover your face! No problem!


The contest is open to only US participants. Sorry to all those from international areas. Hopefully another contest soon for you. After you share the fun online send me an email, let me know who you were and where you posted. Include your address so that I may send you the prize!

Included are soundtrack cards, book plates for Out of the Easy and Between Shades of Gray, and Out of the Easy bookmarks. The contest will run until tomorrow (August 28th) OR until I run out of items to send out to everyone! Limit one per person. If you have a preference then let me know, but please note that this too will be done on a first reply basis.

Facebook link:
(When typing in RutaFansOfficia on Twitter, please take note that there is no L on the end. We ran out of room)

Remember to be creative and have fun!



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