Hello and Welcome Fans of Ruta!

Hello, and thank you all for visiting The Ruta Sepetys Fan Site!  This blog is hosted by Marla and Hannah, two devoted fans of Ruta Sepetys who reside in Tennessee.  The duo first “met” at the Ash2Nash book tour in Nashville, TN, though they didn’t know it at the time.  As it turns out, Hannah was in the chair directly in front of Marla and appears in several of Marla’s photos of the author panel!  The acquaintance was cemented when Hannah approached Marla with an invitation to join a blog tour in celebration of the paperback release of Between Shades of Gray.  The two have been conspirators in everything from a #GetRutaOnTwitter campaign to the very blog you are viewing ever since.  It is their hope that this blog will serve as a place for fans to celebrate Ruta, as well as learn the latest news and share stories of their own family histories.  Feel free to look around and see what the site has to offer.  Thanks, again, for being here!


Marla and Hannah